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Free Shipping = 500 points
$10 OFF = 1,000 points
$20 OFF =2,000 points
Free 5-Pack Cooldowns = 1,500 points
Free mini Lash Serum = 2,500 points

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How do I join?

It just takes a second! Simply click here, then follow the prompt to create an account. If you already have a Borboleta account, you are automatically qualified! Just sign in to access your benefits.

Will it cost me anything to join or to earn and redeem points?

Your membership is 100% free (no hidden charges, promise) and there’s no additional cost for earning or redeeming points.

How can I earn points?

We’ve listed all of the points-earning possibilities above in the Ways to Earn Lash Perks section. Check it out to discover how to earn points on everything from purchases to product reviews.

What can points be redeemed for?

For all kinds of wink-worthy rewards from free products to free shipping! Check out our Redeem Points for Lash Perks section above for the full breakdown.

How do I redeem points?

Once logged into your account, click on the Redeem link at the top of this page, and you'll find a list of all of your eligible rewards.

Pro-Tip: You can also redeem and apply discounts directly at checkout.

How do I check my points balance?

Once logged in you’ll see your points balance displayed at the top of this page.

Can I combine points with an additional discount code?

Sorry, no – you can only use one discount or voucher code per order. But if we could, we’d give you points for asking.

When do new points post to my account?

Once you complete a perks-worthy action, all points will post to your account within 7 days.

When do Refer-A-Friend points post to my account?

Once your referred friend (hello, new lash lovers!) completes their purchase using the link you sent them, we'll drop 1,000 points into your Lash Perks account to use towards a $10 redeemable voucher (or any other reward).

Do my points expire?

Never. Points last forever – just like our lash obsesssion!

What happens to my points if I return a purchase?

The points value of the returned product will be debited from your overall Lash Perks balance (as if you hadn’t made the purchase at all).

How do I access my unused Lash Perks vouchers?

Glad you asked – no Lash Perk should ever go to waste! From the Your Lash Perks History section click on an individual reward status to view and copy the unused Lash Perk voucher to your clipboard.

What if I have questions about my rewards?

You can always reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions.